Skyrta - Luxury Modern Fit

16.980 kr


Soft handle, even texture and fine sheen. The stylish choice for a clean, elegant premium look.

Premium shirt with a soft feel, which is characterized by a particularly fine and elegantly shimmering fabric. Smooth, dense and evenly woven, it lets its wearer shine on every occasion.

The two-ply twill fabric made of 100% cotton in two layers is characteristic of the premium shirt "Luxury Shirt". The fabric is smooth, tightly and evenly woven.

This high-quality MODERN FIT shirt with a classic Kent collar lets its wearer shine with self-confidence and uncompromising quality.

The two-ply twill of the highest quality ensures a harmonious combination of smoothness, texture and fine lustre.

The non-iron luxury shirt is made from 100% cotton and looks fresh and well-groomed even on long days.

The white and blue contrasting inserts on the collar give this luxury shirt a timeless and modern look.

It goes perfectly with a blue suit and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.